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Sam Stephens

Sam is highly respected amongst the IM community for

* High quality software tools which are easy to install and to use

* Outstanding support both personally and at his support forum where he is happy to discuss and accommodate new features for his products.



Sam's most well know product DLGuard is a leader in the field of security tools for protection of downloaded products.

If you have read my book The Ultimate SuperTip you will know that although it is free there is a Paypal button sitting at the end of the book.

When it came to implementing this I did not fancy re- learning the Paypal instructions about creating a button, encryption, security and the like. Or of capturing contact details of customers.

Fortunately DLGuard came to the rescue.

One simple link takes care of the whole Paypal situation and gives me a database of exportable customer information.

I can see an instant summary of all downloads for all my products.

On the security side I can choose to leave a download link up for any length of time and if a customer has genuinely missed out on downloading I can simply reset the duration and email him the link again.

Click here for DLGuard.



If you are a ClickBank vendor you will know that are deficiencies in the ClickBank system for your affiliates when it comes to handling multiple products or avoiding loss of commission from link theft.

These are solved by HopGuard but there is also one extra feature which will delight your affiliates.

Find out in this review of HopGuard.