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Martin Avis

Martin has built up a huge and faithful following with his Kickstart Today newsletter filled with great advice, motivation, inspiration, humour and ... marketing tips.

Unlike other authors he does not bombard you with a sales pitch. He actually goes several issues without even mentioning a product. It's a way of building up his credibility with his loyal readers.

And you know that when he does recommend a product it will be something he has tried and tested.

You will also find Martin making outstanding posts at the Internet marketing forums handing out free advice which many would gladly pay for. He also runs the Kickstart Your Life Forum.

Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks

Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks

One of the most popular and profitable ways to quickly attain success in Internet marketing is to acquire the resale rights to products.

The most powerful application of resale rights is the acquisition of Private Label Rights.

Why is that so and how can you profit ?

It's all explained in Martin's best selling ebook.

You will see how I have actually used the advantage of resale rights in conjunction with Martin's book in this newsletter issue entitled Here's proof why Resale Rights are AWESOME

Newsletter Success Formula

Newsletter Success Formula

Here's what I had to say about Martin's newsletter:

What's the least clicked link on the Internet ?

It must be the unsubscribe button for KickStart Today.

Martin's newsletter stands as a unique one-off for its blend of humour, common sense and great marketing tips and ideas.

If Martin recommends a product (and many times he won't) rest assured it's absolutely genuine and he has done the research for you.

If you would you like to know the secret to building and keeping an army of loyal subscribers Martin shows you in Newsletter Success Formula