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Ewen Chia

I have one affiliate who completely DOMINATES all others.

Every day Ewen Chia makes more and more sales of my books.

But it seems I'm not alone.

Some people call him the World's number one affiliate.

When you visit his site you'll see testimonials from the biggest gurus in the business.

Plus Press articles like this from the Sunday Times, Singapore

And go to his 'speaking and seminars' page - even I was surprised after five years of corresponding with him to find that he is an international speaker, teacher and trainer conveying his Internet business knowledge to thousands of people - and receiving impressive awards.

How does he do it ?

Well if you check out his books you'll find out.

Internet Wealth System

Internet Wealth System

This book presents solid marketing fundamentals with a planned day to day guide taking you though each step.

Thrown in with some special tips such as
- how to make your adwords campaigns stand out
- how to quickly get sales from blogs
- how to boost your visibility in article directories
- simple ways to cash in with ebay

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First million

How I Made My First Million On The Internet

This is a printed book.

Superbly written and organised, to the point and an easy read for anyone with, or starting, an Internet business.

It covers all the key strategies and tools you need for a successful Internet business with excellent chapters in particular on finding a product niche and getting traffic.

One highlight is a simple looking opt-in page but one which yields amazing results, and you understand why as each element on the page is described in detail.

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Secret Affiliate Weapon

Secret Affiliate Weapon

If you really want to step up a gear with your affiliate sales then consider promoting programs which offer you RESIDUAL income i.e monthly commissions.

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Why not learn from the best ?

One reviewer said " This program has to be the most comprehensive training program I have ever seen".

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