Make money - publishing tapes

If you have ever thought of publishing a book - there's a far easier opportunity for success.

Put your 'book' on tape.

Make money - publishing tapes

Yes - rather than write  a 50,000 word book and go through the costly cycles of checking, proofreading, creating a table of contents and index, and so on . . . you can simply create a 5,000 word cassette tape

Dr. Dän Lee Dimke author of "How To Produce Your Own Instructional Cassette" has successfully produced more than 80 different Instructional cassette programs and sold hundreds of thousands of copies in more than 40 countries.

He explains his system step-by-step.

You will learn how to transform a good idea into a dynamic cassette tape and package that will look and sound professional.

A complete retail marketing system is also included.

So click here now to discover how to become a successful author with your own published tapes

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