How to make money from your cassette recorder

Here is a business that you can run anywhere - at home, at work, while driving or commuting (using a cigarette lighter power adapter), while on vacation, even while sleeping.

It requires as little as 15 to 30 minutes of actual work per day.

How to make money from your cassette

  • Remarkably, you will discover that many organizations in your community - including churches, schools, and youth groups - will often be eager to help you promote your business and become even more successful !

In "How to Make Money with Your Boombox" Dr. Dän Lee Dimke explains step by step what is a nearly effortless but highly profitable operation.

Now there's one limitation.

The maximum you can realistically expect to earn with a single recorder is about US$250 per day.

But you'll see there are several ways around this income barrier. First, there is no limit on how many machines you may operate at once. (Most people can learn to operate several with little difficulty).

Also you can get other people to help you as your business grows - it just needs a few minutes of training, since no other equipment is required.

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