Where did that quote come from ?


No need to puzzle any more !

At last there's a reference guide that will save your hours of searching.

Here are some of the reasons why people are looking for quotes

  • for a forthcoming speech
  • for a business presentation
  • author writing a book
  • student writing a research paper
  • for a crossword puzzle enthusiast
  • crossword puzzle designer
  • for the tie-breaker in a  competition
  • to set questions for a quiz show
  • to use in an advert
  • to win a bet with a friend

Now I don't think you really want to have to hunt through hundreds of pages on the Net every time you need a quote, do you ?

The ideal would be to have all the information you want sitting on your desk.

Because even in the modern world of online communication people still prefer .  . . a book.

The Wordsworth Dictionary of Quotations has been newly commissioned: so it's completely up to date.

If there's a quote on the tip of your tongue
- and you can only recall a word or two - then just do a keyword search and you'll have it

If you know the name of someone who said something really famous , but . . .what exactly was it he said ? -
well just do an author search and you'll find it

This vast work now has over 12000 entries and contains over 700 pages.

So click here now to discover more about the Wordsworth Dictionary of Quotations

And note this :

The Wordsworth Dictionary of Quotations is backed up by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee !

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