How to start a printing business

Did you know there's a huge new demand for printing ?

The reason ?

The phenomenal growth of Desktop Publishing - now that almost every home and business has a PC.

And that's a golden opportunity for you to make serious money . . .

printing business
The facts are
  • the average printer earns an impressive $75,000 to $100,000 annually (according to the National Association of Quick Printers)

  • some printers are earning up to a million dollars every year


The good news: today, printing is faster and easier than at any time in history

And "Start Your Own Printing Business" tells you exactly how to do it. For example

  • how to select the ideal location
  • where to get reliable equipment for one-third of the retail price – or less
  • a way to get free training and experience
  • the best ways to find and keep professional press operators
  • knock-out techniques for getting and keeping customers, including the promotional approach that works better than all others, yet costs you next to nothing
  • how to get companies, organization, and suppliers to assist you in virtually every phase of your business  - yet never charge you a dime for their help. A complete list of their names and addresses (with fax numbers and e-mail addresses) is provided.

In addition you learn about the amazing, high-tech printing materials that printers of a generation ago would never even have dreamed of

  • new UV inks, that you can use on any ordinary printing press which dry instantly – on contact – when exposed to a UV bulb, allowing you to print on any material in any color, including sheets of plastic

  • other new inks that glow in the dark or are invisible except under UV light

  • the new selection of die cut label stocks and pre-printed background papers which allow you to produce veritable works of art in a rainbow of colors in a single press pass

  • staplers that make their own staples and stick pages at high speed

  • paper drills that can three-hole punch an entire ream of paper in three seconds

  • and more

So click here now to discover how to start your own printing business

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