Be your own boss !

If you want to run your own business then here are two experts who can help you

start your own business
MARCIA LAYTON left a corporate job to run her own consulting business. She teaches others how to run their own businesses through her seminars, and participation in Compuserve's Entrepreneur Forum

EDWARD PAULSON is an entrepreneur who has been running his own successful business for the past 11 years.

Together they have produced
"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Your Own Business"

Their step-by-step instructions include

  • how to put together a plan for starting and running your own business.
  • straightforward strategies for choosing the best business for you
  • setting up a corporation
  • selecting a name and location
  • getting through the legal stuff
  • effective marketing and advertising to get sales going
  • keeping track of your money and working with banks
  • hiring employees
  • the tax situation
  • finding the right advisers
  • computer tools to make your business a success
  • tips, definitions, and warnings to help you along the way
  • handy checklists that help you keep track of everything

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