Sleep problems ?

Then you're not alone !

Join the millions of other people in the world who have a poor night's sleep.

But did you know ?

Natural Sleep

  • You don't need pills and drugs to force you to sleep
  • There are natural, safe and effective ways - which can solve even chronic insomnia

You'll read about them in
"The Complete Guide to Natural Sleep"
for example

  • soothing and relaxing herbs
  • homeopathy
  • tissue salts
  • Bach flower remedies
  • water therapies
  • stretching exercises
  • acupressure points
  • mental imagery
  • meditation
  • and more . . .

Other topics discussed are

  • The benefits of Melatonin to combat jet lag, promote alertness or just get a good night’s sleep
  • Which foods to avoid and what natural substances help promote sleep
  • Solutions to sleep problems caused by medical conditions such as snoring and menopause
  • The special sleep needs and problems of children from infants to teens

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