Healing - with Minerals

How would you like to enjoy great health

  • without giving up meat
  • without taking nutritional supplements
  • without going on a low-fat diet ?

Healing Power of Minerals

The secret lies in the healing power of
  • minerals
  • special nutrients
  • trace elements

So how do you get these into your diet ?

"The Healing Power of Minerals" is written by an expert nutritionist, herbalist, and researcher.

He explains how modern food processing has robbed our food of valuable nutrients (such as calcium, iron, fatty acids) which are needed to supply the body’s building materials, aid digestion, and perform other tasks crucial to health and fitness.

But then he shows you

  • how to restore 22 important minerals and other nutrients to your diet
  • how much of each you need and which foods can provide it.

Best of all you will see just how easy and enjoyable good nutrition can be.

So click here now to discover the healing power of minerals

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