Learn German - the complete language kit

A collection of German learning guides.

Cassell's Colloquial German
Cassell's Colloquial German

A handbook of idiomatic German usage.

Describes the pitfalls and difficulties inherent in colloquial, colorful, or idiomatic usage.


  • Common words without an exact equivalent in English
  • Dangerous words which look similar to an English word but mean something very different
  • Spoken language: common usage, which differs from the written forms
  • Levels of meaning: including guidance on words you may hear but should only use with care-or not at all!
  • Special language: including the idiom of polite formalities and telephones, special vocabularies

German-English English-German Dictionary
German-English English-German Dictionary

Master German quickly with this handy-sized, easy-to-use hardbound reference: approximately 250 pages with over 20,000 references

German Step by Step
German Step by Step

** Sample picture shown for the Spanish-English edition

A unique short-cut method to learn and speak German fluently by one of the world’s master language teachers.

Charles Berlitz is a world-famous linguist and author of more than 100 language teaching books.

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