How to Start a Business and Succeed

Would you like to be your own boss ?

To run things your own way and make money ?

Of course you would, but . . .

business startup

There are risks !

So you need

  • sound advice and

  • practical guidance

"How to Start a Business and Succeed"  will show you

  • Why you need a business plan
  • Whether a franchise is for you
  • Where to get the money
  • How you market your product
  • How to keep track of everything
  • How to manage your employees
  • What are your tax obligations
  • What are the advantages of a sole proprietorship 
  • Whether or not to incorporate your business
  • What licenses you need
  • How can a computer help you
  • What to do when the market changes
  • and much more

So click here now to discover how to start a Business

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