How to make money with your answer machine

Rarely used 10 years ago - telephone answer machines are now the norm.

And this escalating use of answer machines provides a great money making opportunity.

Make Money with Your Answer Machine

Because - using this technology effectively can add to your income dramatically with little investment or risk.

Even the most simple answering machine - the kind with a short outgoing message followed by the familiar beep - has amazing and largely unexplored potential.

Interactive answering systems are now computerized electronic operators capable of answering questions, solving problems, resolving complaints, faxing outgoing information in response to callers' queries, making sales and taking orders, all without human intervention.

Sophisticated systems that are capable of all this and more are remarkably affordable, as little as $10.00 per month in many markets.

In "Make Money with Your Answer Machine" Dr. Dän Lee Dimke will show you how it is possible to generate thousands of dollars of additional monthly income from a single consumer-style answering machine connected to a single telephone line

For example, using one relatively simple technique - The Recording Enhancement Procedure - you can increase the sound quality of your outgoing answering machine message by nearly 10 times. Sound recording studios charge as much as $100.00 each time they perform this simple service for customers. But, once you know how it's done, you can do it at home, for yourself or clients, as often as you wish.

This simple trick will transform your inexpensive, dual-tape home answering machine into a professional-sounding business system in minutes.

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