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So your interview is going along just fine.

And you're thinking ahead to the lucrative job offer, your new career.

Then suddenly the interviewer pops this question:

"Tell me about your biggest weakness as an employee"

Ooops you say that you have no weakness  ?
    ...or do you mumble a weak confession ?

Either way - say goodbye to your prospects.

There's only one RIGHT way to answer this

The questions now continue ... and get tougher.

"Tell me about yourself"

"What do your supervisors criticise most about your performance"

"Are there people you have trouble getting along with ?"

"How do you go about making important decisions ?"

"Do you work well under pressure ?"

As you can see - every question a potential landmine

The unfortunate fact is this: no matter how good you are at your job or how experienced, it's your skill at handling interview questions which will get you the job.

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He has put together a list of the 101 top questions and shows you how to answer EVERY one.

But there's more - he shows you

  • how to turn the tables on your interviewer
  • how to put yourself in control of the interview
  • how to overcome anxiety

So take a look at this best selling book:
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