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If you are using Notepad sling it in the bin.

Imagine a tool that is one thousand times better, with so many features that I still use only a fraction of them after several years, something that you will love as much as you love Java, can you imagine?

Introducing NoteTab.

Some of the main features include

  • The ability to open and edit many documents at once

  • Text drag-and-drop editing

  • Clipbook tool for reusing common extracts of text

  • Favourites list to quickly open files or directories

  • A Paste Board file to save text clips automatically

  • Can edit huge files

  • Strip HTML tags from your files

  • Complete document statistics

  • Powerful search and replace tools

  • Macros to speed up your work

I have NoteTab permanently open on my desktop and practically run everything from it.

I can click on an URL in a text file and it fires off my browser.

And I don’t use a design tool such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver to create my web pages. I simply use NoteTab.

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Visit the NoteTab site here

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